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Proud to be called fish bums but not too stoked about the options for travelling anglers we identified a big problem.  We asked ourselves how come the fly fishing crew can make some of the finest rods in the world in 4 pieces but the gear side lacks options to travel with.  The Hobo series was developed to solve the dilemma, and do we dare say we did it smarter?  We created a 3-piece series that comes with it’s own tube large enough to fit multiple rods in one tube (no duct taping your rod tubes together anymore).  Made from our MCII Carbon, the lightweight air seat, and stainless steel guides to be sure you don’t break a guide out on your trip we think we’ve got a great rod now for the travelling angler who might be attacking a number of different species.  We’ve fished these for largies in Minnesota and bonitos and Calico Bass off the coast of Los Angeles.

7′ Fast Action Medium Power – MSRP $120

Available Now at North 40 Outfitters HERE


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